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1 Math of Making - Girls Inc. of Sarasota

Demonstrating how math is the foundation of fashioning fabric based items, the Elimindi design team works with the girls to make custom sized blankets for rescued dogs. Inspiring all girls to be " Strong, Smart, and Bold" Girls Inc. provides life-changing education about entrepreneurship, technology, finances, engineering and science to girls from kindergarten to high school. 

About the Project

About the Project

About the Project 


With the purpose of demonstrating how math is the foundation of fashion, the Elimindi design team is working with Girls Inc. 

Working together with Nate's Honor Animal Rescue, custom fit  blankets are made for the Kuranda beds used at the shelter for the cats and dogs. Placing a fleece blanket on top of the bed will keep the pets warm in the winter.   

The girls learn about the "Math of Making" fabric based items. Starting with a Kuranda bed, the girls take measurements, design patterns and develop the best layout to optimize fabric yield.

They learn the hands on skills to cut and finish the blankets.  The girls will deliver the blankets to the Nate's pets themselves and will see how their efforts have a positive impact on the quality of life of the animals in the shelter. 

Video - The Girls Inc. Experience

About Girls Inc.

About Girls Inc.

About Girls Inc.

The Sarasota chapter of Girls Inc. is a unique place that offers various programs designed to give girls the skills necessary to live an actualized life.  Here are some of their programs:

  • Careers and life planning - Computer learning, financial literacy, exposure to various careers in science, math and related technology

  • Media Literacy - learning about the influence of media in their lives and how to successfully navigate today's challenges

  • Health and Wellness -  Exercise, nutrition, sports, personal safety programs

  • Culture and Heritage - Art, dance, music and drama

  • Leadership -  Community projects, leadership experiences

Contact Girls Inc. Sarasota

Contact Girls Inc. Sarasota

Girls Inc. Sarasota

201 S Tuttle Ave

Sarasota, FL 34237

(941) 366-6646