What We Do

We ethically manufacture & source quality products. Apparel is 100% USA Made.

We create projects and support organizations to Elevate Lives & Inspire Minds.


We donate 15% of the profit of your purchase to the project you choose at check out.

Manufacturing & Production Principles

We are pleased to work with small, independent manufacturers in the USA. We are committed to ethical manufacturing practices. For example, our production team has regularly scheduled breaks, an air conditioned/heated work space and are treated with dignity. This significantly exceeds global apparel manufacturing standards. The dyes used in our fabrics meet EPA regulations, which far exceed global requirements. We consistently seek to partner with producers who act with integrity.

Clarity & Integrity

We donate 15% or more of our profit to elevate lives and inspire minds.

Cash Donation

We donate 15% of the profit from your purchase to humanitarian projects and organizations. At check out, you select which you would like to support.

Excludes taxes and shipping.

Project Funding

We finance the costs of planning and executing humanitarian projects.

Including materials, labor and administration.

Platform to Attract Donors

We create digital marketing pages for organizations to show what they do and attract new donors. We promote their works to our customers.


Our Partner Products

Elimindi manufactures apparel. We sell complimentary and unique products our customers will enjoy, from companies who share our similar values. Learn More.


We initiate & support innovative projects with complimentary organizations to Elevate Lives & Inspire Minds. Learn More.

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