Price: $ 15.95

Three In One Garment Bag

This handy garment bag has unprecedented versatility and a smart aesthetic. It can be used as a traditional garment bag, a duffel bag and a sack that can hang on a hook.

Our favorite feature is the large zipper pocket in front that can be used for shoes, hangers and other items.  The length is just perfect at 48 inches - it can hold a suit or slacks. 

Made from recyclable non-woven material, this bag is machine washable, breathable and water resistant.  


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What Makes This Bag Great

  • Sleek pouch for hangers or other items

  • Machine washable, breathable & water-resistant

  • Drawstring closure at bottom

  • Durable shoulder strap for carrying as a duffel bag

  • Sturdy loop fits over any hook for use as a hanging sack

  • Reinforced handles for strength

  • Wide gussets on the sides for good expansion

  • Side zipper runs the full length of the bag and provides easy access to garments

  • See-through front pocket 

  • Made of recyclable non-woven polypropylene

  • 48 inches long